Sunday, January 8, 2017

final countdown

Today is the last day of vacation and I need to squeeze every last bit out of the day.

This is what I did yesterday...for 10 hours!
  I had grand plans to grade all vacation, with little bits here and there so there wasn't the final push at the end.

However, the grading program stopped working about the 2nd day of vacation and since I use the grading program to print out my grade sheets, I had no place to record the grades I had.  My excuse was if I graded anything, I would have to do extra work going back through everything to record it later.  Therefore, why work twice as hard?  I would just wait until the tech guy fixed the trouble.

The problem was, the tech guy took forever to get the trouble fixed.  There were only a few of us that the problem affected.  Seems Comcast decided to upgrade us to a new IP address which blocked the grade website.  It took some sleuthing to get this figured out.  I could access the grade program while in Colorado, but not at home, while using the same computer, so it had to have something to do with the internet.  But, my parents also have Comcast in Colorado.

Then I went into school on Thursday to work there, but since we are getting new projectors (which nobody wants) they had taken my computer offline and I couldn't get the internet there either.  It was like someone really didn't want me doing any work over the vacation.  However the work still had to be done.

So, yesterday I sat down and cranked out yarn cakes on my yarn winder and graded like a crazy woman.  I finally finished at 7pm and then made dinner.  Good thing my husband and son love to play video games.  I don't think they even knew it was so late!

Today I need to clean up the yarn mess that has taken over the living room and try to get organized for the new semester.  We are supposed to have the 'Storm of the Century' here today with up to 10 inches of rain in the mountains.  Flooding is expected, with high winds, but so far, it is just raining like a normal storm.  I don't want to jinx things, but I'd say the weatherman may be wrong on this one.

 I have Binky Patrol this afternoon and as long as I don't have to get a boat out, I will be heading out to see if anyone else shows up.  I won't be taking too much stuff, but will be taking my small knitting machine and some yarn and a few fabric kits in case anyone wants to pick up things to work on at home.

My quilting machine still isn't finished.  I called the repair guy on Thursday and he returned my call Friday saying that the parts finally came in and that he would start working on it.  I'm not sure I believe anything he says anymore.  It sure will be nice to have it fixed and be done dealing with him.  I would NOT recommend this guy to anyone else.  Even if he does get it fixed, the trouble of dealing with him has not been worth it..

OK, off to clean up, sort things out and get a plan to be organized.  Now that's a funny joke :)

Oh, and happy birthday mom!  She's 83 this year!


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