Monday, January 2, 2017

more hats

I'm still in Colorado and still working on making hats. Today we watched the rose parade and I made two owl hats, his flower ear warmer and then after a trip to hobby lobby for some buttons and dinner including French silk pie at village inn. I cranked out a dozen preemie hats. I head home tomorrow and back to the routine of cooking and keeping up with the family so it is nice to have a couple days to sit back and relax.

I  used up the last of the tiny balls of yarn ends to make these dozen hats that were leftover from my last visit here.  These tiny hats sure do not take up much yarn.  You can get 4 hats from 1.oz of yarn.

I've made three of these owl hats now (2 today-they take 2.5 hours each to crochet) and I had to modify the pattern a LOT to get it to fit.  I have a large head and the original pattern came out big even for my head.  It is too long and too wide, so I had to shorten it and take out some stitches.  Then I messed up on the last hat and it came out bigger again.  Maybe after 30 of these I will finally get the pattern correct and I will get faster and figure it out.  It has a lot of front post and back post double crochets which really works the fingers.

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