Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 Goals

I'm visiting my parents in Colorado this week and my sister's family came over tonight to celebrate my 50th birthday,  My sister was talking about her goal for 2017 to walk 2017 miles this year.  She has walked 10,000 steps every day since she turned 50 in 2015 and hasn't missed a day (that's pretty incredible)!  I'm lucky to get 4,000 steps in and am super excited to get 5,000.  I'd love to take on a challenge like that, but know that I'd never achieve it.  By the end of the work day I'm exhausted and the couch at my house has a very strong gravitational pull that cannot be escaped.  I'm pretty sure there is a black hole hidden underneath it that sucks in anything that gets within 10 feet of it, including the TV remote.

So, I started thinking about what goal I would like to achieve for this year.  Something I could actually accomplish.

Since I got an Addi knitting machine (two actually-the king size and the smaller one) I have been making hats...lots of hats.  I was talking to my mom tonight about all of the things I've been working on this school year since my quilting machine is broken.  I actually have some hope that it will be fixed this week (fingers crossed and breath held) because I talked to the repair guy last week and he said that the parts have finally come in and I paid  $1,000 for the deposit on them.

But my goal for the year will be 2017 things made for charity.  That will be hats, quilts, blankets, afghans, fleece blankets, dog beds, baby booties, burial gowns, stuffed animals, dog toys, head bands, keychains for fundraisers or anything else I can think of that I can donate throughout the year.

Doing the math, that's 5.5 things a day or 39 things a week.  Some weeks may be easier than others, but overall, I think it is a very doable goal.  Plus, with making so many items, I hope to find many worthy charities to donate to and also to clean out much of the donated yarn, fabric and other goodies I have stashed away in my shed and garage.

Today I made about 7 or 8 hats here at my parents' house while sitting and talking. I even got my nephew to make a preemie hat after dinner.

I will also be blogging again.  I will not let life get in the way of documenting the things that are going on.  I enjoy looking back at the year and reading about the events and everything that happened, so even if nobody else is out there reading, I will do a better job of keeping track for myself.

Here's to a productive 2017!

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DebbieM said...

What a wonderful goal to achieve! I wish you success in 2017!