Monday, September 2, 2013

wedding quilt finished

 Here it is, finally finished, borders on, binding, quilted and delivered.  The wedding is this week and I'm glad to have this checked off the to do list.
 This quilt took about 12 hours to stitch out.  Good thing for Rebecca the robot who worked tirelessly without complaint.  Now I understand why it is so expensive to get your quilt professionally quilted.  I love the pattern on this one.  It is called Geometry 2 from and yes, it cost $15!  I really must learn to design my own quilt designs.  I will either make a fortune or save one.  Once my daughter goes off to college, I will have a computer to put the program on and a desk to work at.
 You can see how huge it is with my model laying on it.  It is supposed to be queen size, but it was longer than the 108 inch queen batting I used.  I didn't measure it so I'm not sure just how big it ended up being.  I could do some math, the individual blocks are 7 inches finished, the border is 3 inches finished.  It's just plain big!
 And just so you know not to give your 9 year old the camera and ask him to help you with pictures of quilts.  You never know what he may be taking pictures of!  Thanks for the laugh little guy :)

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Quiltingranny said...

Simply beautiful! Sad your migraines seem to be coming back, happy you are having fun with your robotic quilter!