Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's over for now

Yesterday I went in for the fine needle aspiration.  Don't let the name fool you.  There is nothing fine about the needle or the procedure.  When I went in, the radiologist explained everything that could possibly happen during the procedure. They would start out doing the sonogram again and start with the aspiration and pull the fluid out.  If the doctor thought he needed to, he might do a biopsy.  I would hear a snapping sound where he took chunks of flesh out.  Then, he might make an incision and leave a marker behind in case they needed to do surgery.  All that just in case.

So I go in and this time I'm not herded into a closet somewhere.  The radiologist said the last time I must have been in the lab down the hall.  She said they treat you like a chicken there and rush you in and out and there are lots of people crying there.  I said the crying lady was me last time.  This time, there was no rushing, they sterilized the area, numbed me up good and used the sonogram to look where they were stabbing me.  The doctor didn't think there would be as much fluid in the cyst as there was and had to use a second syringe to get most of it out.  He couldn't get it all, but got most of it and said it would probably come back because 'that's just what they do'.  He also said that some people just get them and I will probably have to deal with these the rest of my life.  He says they don't know why some people get them and don't know why they come and go.  I'm just the lucky one to get to deal with this.  They aren't dangerous, just annoying, especially when they get so big and painful.

I'm really sore this morning and the stress has given me a horrible migraine most of the week.  I'm hoping that some quilting therapy this weekend will help relieve the stress.

Unfortunately the quilt I'm working on is for the friend of my daughter who just found out she has cancer.  She was getting ready to go off to college and had a strange rash.  She went to the doctor and found out she has cancer.  Plans change.  Now she will spend the next 6 months in and out of the hospital doing chemotherapy.  And I worry about a headache and a cyst or two.

Tomorrow is Binky Sunday.  We will be gathering to make quilts for boys.  I'm always short on the boy quilts.  I'm hoping some of the high school kids join us.  I love passing on my love of quilting to the next generation.

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