Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The results are in

Went in to the breast specialist today and had another mammogram and sonogram and the radiologist assures me that the lump is a couple of cysts.  There are two in the left side and one in the right.  I'm going back on Friday to have one of the cysts drained.  It is 5 cm and is hurting.  She said normally they don't drain them, but since it hurts, they will drain it for me.  Since the other two are about the same size, at least I will be balanced :)

I got sad news today, one of my daughter's friends found out that she has cancer.  I'll be working on a quilt for her.  She will be having chemo for the next six months.  She was about to head off to college and had a rash.  She went to the doctor and discovered she had cancer.  You never know how quickly life can change.  Enjoy every day!


Kasey said...

Wow, glad you're ok, but so heartbreaking to hear of someone that young having to deal with cancer. Prayers for her (and for you to stay healthy!). Hopefully they caught it early!

Needled Mom said...

That is great news for you. Now we will keep your daughter's friend near in prayer as she undergoes this battle.