Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm a scientist, I should have known better

There's one thing I teach my students and that's if you are going to run an experiment, only change one variable at a time.  When trying to figure out what was wrong with my quilting machine and the Y encoder, I messed with two variables at once, the o rings and the weight.  Wouldn't you know, the thing still gave me fits.  So, I remembered the lessons I taught my students and went back to the old o rings and kept the weight.  Sure enough, problem solved.  There just needed to be a bit more pressure on the roller to keep the encoder so it could read where it was on the axis.  Once I got that figured out, quilting this beauty was quick.

I wish this was for a happier occasion, but unfortunately it is for a teen with cancer.  Those quilts are never fun to make and give, but I know the girl will love it.

I'm almost done with my quilt which uses the same fabrics.  Mine is going to be bigger.  I'm excited to actually get to keep a quilt I'm making.

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