Sunday, September 8, 2013

Simple Saturdays

 Working on another quilt for the sister of a friend from church.  She was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Her favorite color is pink.  I'm hoping to get this one done today and to get started on my quilt.  My daughter and I went to JoAnn's yesterday and bought fabric for it.  Man, is fabric expensive!  I got fabric for my quilt, yarn for a Dr. Who scarf for the student teacher at my school (I don't get one this year, but our department has one from UC Davis and she saw the scarf I had made for my son and asked if I could make one for her). I also got some jewelry making supplies for my daughter.  $165 later and wow, that's some expensive hobbies we have!  And that was with the $25 teacher discount :)
Here my sons are working on a lego robotics project.  My older son is a mentor for a lego robotics team at the elementary school he went to.  My younger son is on a lego robotics team at his school.  He qualified for the GATE program (gifted and talented education) and this is what they do for part of the year after school.    Their teams will be competing against each other, but for now, the older is teaching the younger the tricks to making a good robot.  The older has to have a prototype to show the parents on Monday.  He doesn't have enough to do with all of his AP classes and band things and own robotics things--he's off today for a meeting for the mentors, he has to help out anywhere he can.  Everyone thinks he needs to get his driver's license so he can take himself all of the places he needs to go.  For some reason, I'm not so excited for him to start driving.  I wasn't so excited for the girls to drive either, but now am glad to have them drive.  Maybe because I'm the one to drive everywhere with them.  I enjoy spending time with them and know once they can drive themselves, I never see them anymore. :(  It's hard to let them grow up.  At least it will be 7 more years before the little one is leaving me.

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Donna said...

The pink quilt is looking lovely.