Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another encouraging quilt

 This one is for the sister of a friend at church.  She just found out she has ovarian cancer.  Must be more common that I thought because this is the second person in a couple weeks that I know who has it.  She is young too, in her 30's.  I figure she could use a little encouragement and I love the quilted words on the quilt.  Her favorite color is pink and I've got quite a bit of pink fabric in my stash. 

How do you like my new earrings?  My daughter love to make jewelry and makes it faster than she can wear it.  Her problem is she can't give it away fast enough.  I asked her to make me these and she was done in about 5 minutes.  I love them.  My problem is I never wear jewelry.  I like these so much, I think I will start wearing them..  I didn't get to start on my quilt today, too busy with grocery shopping and finishing up this quilt and knitting the Dr. Who scarf.  Maybe I will have some time after dinner.

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