Sunday, May 26, 2013

tired of these yet?

 I have two huge boxes, maybe 100 more?  That's what happens when you get hundreds of yards of gorgeous fabric donated, a great friend (Carla) who cuts and coordinates it all, get the kids at the middle school to sew it together and then we get to figure out what to do with all of the quilt tops.  She has about as many as I do to quilt up.  We did a few of them at the last sew day, maybe a dozen?  I can tell I will be working on them for a while.  The colors are off on these, can never tell what color things will be with my cell phone and I'm too lazy to get the real camera out.  They are more blue/reds than the green in the picture.  I was given a roll of 23 yards of the perfect fabric for many of the quilts and I loaded that onto the machine this morning, so you will be seeing a lot more of these cuties over the next couple of weeks I think.  I have 9, yes, 9 days of school left and then I'm free for the summer.  I can't wait!  My daughter has only 2 days left.  Weird furlough, then voted to increase taxes, so some furlough days were restored, but some people had already made plans for graduation to be on the 31st, so we couldn't change that, so for some reason that means the seniors don't come to school after the 29th?  Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either, but she is happy.  She graduates on Friday and has her valedictorian speech all ready to go.  I hope to be able to post it here after she give it.  I think it is pretty funny.  Not the typical inspirational speech everyone gives.  Lots of sarcasm, just like her mom :)

One more day to enjoy this weekend.  yay me!  I'm trying to do some different quilting designs since these guys only take about 10 minutes each and I really should be getting better after 900 quilts.  Maybe I should try some feathers.  The only way to get better is to practice right?  With 200 quilts, I could get quite good by the end.  I like just scribbling all over, mindless and quick, but pushing myself would make me feel accomplished.

Ok, off to do something important for the day.  Dishes and laundry.  If only I had $1 for every load of dishes I did...

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