Sunday, May 5, 2013

MSG hunt

My friend sent me a whole bunch of information she got when she went to Kaiser's headache clinic.  I went last year and didn't get any of the info.  Weird.  Anyways, among the interesting things she sent was a list of all of the different names for MSG.  I had no idea it was called so many different things, including 'natural flavoring'.  I know for sure MSG is a trigger for migraines for me and avoid it, but have been feeding myself all of the other forms almost daily.  No wonder I'm having a migraine almost every day!  I wonder if this is the cause?  I'm on a quest now to keep all forms of MSG out of my diet and see if it makes a difference.  The trouble is, I'm trying too many things at the same time to be sure what will help the problem.  A good scientist knows you test one variable at a time.  I'm increasing my propranolol, adding back topamax and now looking to get rid of MSG from my diet all at the same time.  I guess if the migraines go away, I can start cutting out the different medicines and see if the migraines come back.  I'm hopeful that one day I won't have to take anything and still be pain free.

I just bought a dozen V8 juice because they are 'healthy'.  Guess what the second to last ingredient is?  Yep, Natural Flavoring.  I guess those will sit on the shelf until my experiment is over along with the Tuna, cake mixes, soda, soup, candy and gum.  Who knew eating could be so difficult?

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Texas JennyWren said...

so sorry to hear about your migraines. I am very interested to know what other names MSG goes by in the ingredient lists. Can you share with all of us?