Sunday, May 12, 2013

Taking some time
I've been spending a lot of time this weekend reading this book.  It makes so much sense and I wish I had come across it years ago.  Of course, a few years ago, I wasn't in the right place to have really appreciate the wisdom in the pages of the book.

The author is a neurologist who has studied headaches and migraines for the past 20 years and has come up with a 3 step plan to get rid of your headaches.  If you are like me and deal with headaches, you really need to read this book.  

There are three steps, stop taking the quick fix medicines that actually cause more headaches, figure out what your triggers are and figure out what you can do about them.  The fewer triggers you have in a day, the less likely you are to get a migraine and finally increase your migraine threshold with daily preventative medicines.

I've been throwing quick fixes and preventatives at my migraines and wondering why neither one is working. I've been going back to the doctor asking for different preventative medicines and different quick fixes and not giving either one the chance they deserve.  After realizing that MSG is in almost everything I eat and trying to get it out of my diet, and reading this book and seeing the list of all of the other things that could be a trigger such as barometric pressure, stress, flashing lights, processed meats (nitrites) avocados, nuts and a whole bunch of other things.

You can increase your threshold level by exercising as well which encourages me to keep walking.  It has been so hot here lately that I'm finding motivation to get out and get moving harder on the hot days.

Another thing I read was that migraine and depression are interrelated.  Doctors aren't sure weather migraine leads to depression or depression leads to migraine.  With days of feeling hopeless and having weeks of pain never ending and feeling like I'm going crazy, there are times when I wonder if this is what depression is like. But, then I have days like today, when hope springs up and I feel like just maybe I will figure things out.

I'm so looking forward to summer when I will have time to work on my migraine issues and quilt.  This has been another rough year.  18 more days of school.

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