Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hidden Names for MSG

I hope this helps some of you out there who also have a reaction to MSG.  The biggest thing I found was that almost everything I eat has the words Natural Flavor in the ingredient.  Who knew that was a secret name for MSG?  Even the ground turkey meat, which is a staple of my diet has two ingredients, turkey and natural flavor.  I guess I will be reading the labels more closely while shopping this week.  I'm also trying to get over a rebound headache from taking too much migraine meds.  My headache clinic said to take the meds as soon as I felt a migraine coming on, which meant I was taking them every day, up to three times a day.  My neurologist said not to take the same thing more than three times a week, so I thought that by mixing things up and taking asprin/ibuprofen one day and tylenol/codeine the next, I was doing ok.  Then, he tells me not to take any meds more than three TIMES a week.  Really?  I'm taking them 21 times a week!  I have a killer headache today and am just bearing with it, hoping that I can get through the rough part.  Maybe trying to get off medicines while still working isn't the best idea.  I'll have to see what tomorrow brings and decide if I need to take a couple days off work, or just wait until summer vacation.  I'm done teaching June 7, so at least it isn't that far away.


Hidden Names for MSG

The following substances contain the highest percentage of factory created free glutamate, with MSG containing 78%:

MSG Gelatin Calcium Caseinate
Monosodium glutamate Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) Textured Protein
Monopotassium glutamate Hydrolyzed Plant Protein (HPP) Yeast Extract
Glutamate Autolyzed Plant Protein Yeast food or nutrient
Glutamic Acid Sodium Caseinate Autolyzed Yeast
Vegetable Protein Extract Senomyx (wheat extract labeled as artificial flavor)

The following substances contain some factory created free glutamate in varying amounts. Please note that some food labels list several of these items, which can add up to a considerable and dangerous amount in one product:

Malted Barley (flavor) Natural Flavors, Flavors, Flavoring Modified food starch
Barley malt Reaction Flavors Rice syrup or brown rice syrup
Malt Extract or Flavoring Natural Chicken, Beef, or Pork, Flavoring "Seasonings" (Most assume this means salt, pepper, or spices and herbs, which sometimes it is.) Lipolyzed butter fat
Maltodextrin, dextrose, dextrates Soy Sauce or Extract "Low" or "No Fat" items
Caramel Flavoring (coloring) Soy Protein Corn syrup and corn syrup solids, high fructose corn syrup
Stock Soy Protein Isolate or Concentrate Citric Acid (when processed from corn)
Broth Cornstarch fructose (made from corn) Milk Powder
Bouillon Flowing Agents Dry Milk Solids
Carrageenan Wheat, rice, corn, or oat protein Protein Fortified Milk
Whey Protein or Whey Anything enriched or vitamin enriched Annatto
Whey Protein Isolate or Concentrate Protein fortified "anything" Spice
Pectin Enzyme modified proteins Gums (guar and vegetable)
Protease Ultra-pasteurized dairy products Dough Conditioners
Protease enzymes Fermented proteins Yeast Nutrients
Lecithin Gluten and gluten flour Protein powders: whey, soy, oat, rice (as in protein bars shakes and body building drinks)
Amino acids (as in Bragg's liquid amino acids and chelated to vitamins) Algae, phytoplankton, sea vegetable, wheat/ barley grass powders

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Thank you very much for sharing all this information with us. I hope you become migraine free very soon.