Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial day weekend

What's better to do on a long weekend than quilt?  I can't think of anything.  Of course, a major migraine yesterday and again today to accompany anthing I'm up to.  I'm frustrated and depressed that nothing seems to be helping, not even the prednisone.  But, my husband does remind me that it can take up to 10 days to kick the rebound headaches and I'm on day 5 of the prednisone pills. 

So, laundry is done, dishes done, long walk done, plants fed and watered, wasp nest squished, trash taken out, lawn mowed (thanks big kid), carpet shampooed, couple of quilts done and it's only 2pm.  Daughter is off with friends getting fancied up and having dinner and son is off watching his girlfriend dance in the parade and the house is really quiet.  This is what it will be like next year when daughter #2 goes off to college.  My older son is never home so it will just be me, hubby and little guy who loves to play video games and comes out to give me hugs every couple of hours and to get a snack.

I better go find more things to do.  Maybe pack another box of quilts to be shipped out on Tuesday, or cut up some quilt kits for my friend Rebecca who is back from college.  She picked up some yesterday, but that won't keep her busy long.  She is a quick worker.  I will have to have her over to quilt them up this summer too.  She loves to use my quilting machine and we can work double quick on it together.

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