Sunday, May 26, 2013

do you live near me?

I'm putting this flyer in my quilt shop today.  I'm hoping that some of the quilters will see it and dig through their stashes and help us out.  We are making quilts not only for the 'big disasters' but for the local kids too.  Whenever there is a big tragedy going on, I deplete my stash and then I get a call from a local cause and I'm out of quilts.  I'm working like crazy and can use some extra hands to help me keep up with the demand.
I'm finding that I'm starting to run out of thread.  How is that possible?  I have enough quilting thread, but my piecing thread is getting low.  Especially for my bobbins.  I can use serger thread, but I really love using up donated thread that has been sitting around, purchased long ago, but still very useable.  Makes me feel so good to finally be able to give the thread its final resting place.  Weird, I know.
Here's hoping I get some new volunteers.  If you live in Northern California, I'd love for you to help us out.  We are a great group of people who love to make quilts for kids in need.

Binky Patrol is collecting quilts

Vacaville Binky Patrol is always working to cover children affected by tragedy both locally and throughout the world with the comfort of a warm, handmade quilt or afghan.  We donate locally to programs such as NorthBay Hospital’s A Baby is Coming program, Solano Family Child Protection Services, Safe Families, Nurse Family Partnership and students in the Travis Unified School District.  We are always searching for children in need of the comforting hug a handmade quilt can provide.  If you know of a child in need, please contact the area coordinator, Marilyn Lewis, to let her know how to reach the child, or to offer to be the point of contact person.  We sent 1144 quilts to Japan in 2011 and we just sent 12 quilts to West, Texas and 40 quilts to Moore, OK and continue to collect quilt tops and finished quilts.

We also love new volunteers to help make the blankets (Binkies).  Our blanket making efforts are a huge group effort.  Many members make the quilt tops, several quilt them and then there are the loyal binding buddies who put the finishing touches on.  We have work days at A Quilted Heart on the third Sunday of the odd months from 1-4pm as well as several times throughout the year.  If you would like to be notified of the special work days, please send an email to and let me know.  Even if you don’t sew, we have many jobs: sorting fabric, cutting, pressing, or encouraging!

We also take donations of yarn and cotton fabric as well as thread, sewing machines, and anything else sewing/quilting/knit/crochet related.

Questions?  Call the Vacaville area coordinator

Marilyn Lewis


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SewCalGal said...

Great flyer. I wonder if you have local quilt guilds that can help. You and your blinky patrol have done so much to bring smiles and quilty hugs to those in need.