Wednesday, March 13, 2013


What can I say, the campus was so gorgeous.  It is in the middle of Los Angeles and one side has the big city skyscrapers and the other has the million dollar homes of Beverly Hills.  We almost got killed several times because the crazy driving.  But once on campus, it was quiet and peaceful.
This is inside the library.  Lots of details everywhere.
Another beautiful tennis facility with a huge stadium seating area.  Wouldn't it be great to play in front of so many people?  Well, not me, cuz I don't know what I'm doing, but maybe if you were really good.
Must take a picture with the school mascot.  We probably walked past this a dozen times.  We just kept walking around and around the campus.  We had to wait until noon for the student store opened and we could get a shirt and sweat pants for my husband and daughter.

The little guy was such a trooper and was still running everywhere after 4 schools.
How could you not love a school with quilt block tiles on every stair of the library.  They were all so pretty!
The buildings were gorgeous.  Reminded me of Oberlin where my oldest went to school.  Most schools out here in the west don't look like this.  There were a lot of open spaces and even though there were a ton of people out and about, there were places to get away from everyone.  This was my daughter's favorite school and she hopes that she gets in.  We hope we can pay for it!

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