Friday, March 15, 2013

College admissions update

My daughter got admitted to UC Irvine, put on the wait list for Washington University in St. Louis (where her sister attends grad school) and today found out she got admitted to UC Davis.  Too bad there aren't scholarships with any of these.  We are truely middle class because we make too much money to qualify for government aid, but aren't rich enough to afford to pay for college.  I volunteered to quit my job so we could be poor, but hubby didn't think that was the best idea.  Somehow the government thinks we should be spending about 1/4 of our salary on my daughter's college every year.  That might be feasible if we didn't already spend 1/4 on health care.  Seriously.  And it keeps going up.  And our pay keeps going down.  Something just isn't right in this scenario.

I need some serious quilting therapy this weekend.  If only I could find my mojo.

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