Thursday, March 14, 2013

UC Santa Barbara

The final school we visited was UC Santa Barbara.  My daughter and I could barely walk because we were so sore from all the walking we did.  It was so nice to sit on the beach and watch the kids play in the sand and surf.  Somehow the vastness of the ocean and the sounds of the birds and waves calms the soul.  Nice little break from all the driving and walking.
You have the beautiful mountains in the background and the beach on the other side of campus.  A short drive across the freeway and you are in a very nice little town with lots of specialty shops and a very active downtown.  There were a lot of activities going on when we visited too.  Some type of ethnic dancing and a barbeque as well as a big basketball game.

This is a very nice school, but is down on my daughter's list of choices.


SewCalGal said...


And for mom, we have wonderful quilt shops & quilt shows!


Needled Mom said...

We had two sons graduate from there. They loved it and it is a gorgeous area!