Monday, March 11, 2013

UC Irvine

Second on the list was UC Irvine.  Both my brother and sister graduated from UCI and it is so different from what I remember when I visited long ago.  I met a former student who was going to give us a personal tour and we were there just in time for the campus tour put on by the school.  We decided to all walk with them and get the inside scoop on the campus.  My little guy loved the tour guide because he was so weird and told terrible jokes.  

I don't think you can get a real feel for the campus without eating in the dining commons so after the tour, we had the all you can eat in one sitting lunch.  My little guy approved and he's a pretty picky eater.  

My daughter has already been admitted to UCI into the honors program and was offered a $2500 scholarship.  It would be nice having her near my brother who still lives in Irvine just in case.  So hard to send your child far away without having a little safety net just in case.  

After sending my oldest 3,000 miles away (can you believe that was 5 years ago?) I'm doing a little better with letting go.  But since she is the only other girl in the house now, I'm going to miss her even more.  I will be left with boys and strange body noises and no food in the house!

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