Sunday, October 28, 2012

I can see clearly

 My neighbor at the end of the street is an electrician.  His wife is my friend on Facebook and when I posted that I was looking for recommendations for an electrician to install a few things, she volunteered him to come over.  He put up three of these lights in the bathrooms.  The old fluorescent ones haven't worked since we bought the house 8 years ago.
 He put up three of these outdoor lights.  I couldn't figure out how to open the old ones to change the lightbulb.  We haven't had lights on the front of the house in about 5 years.
And he rewired the old Air Conditioner outlet to 110 volts and installed the outlet for the sprinklers.  Now, I won't have to worry about them shoring out when it rains.  They were hooked into the orange extension cord by the landscaper.  Now he can come back to get his extension cord.

I'm one happy lady.  Let's see what else needs fixing around here!

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Kelli said...

Three cheers for handy friends and neighbors. ;)