Saturday, October 6, 2012

never enough time

I got this top sewn together today and now I need to put a border on it.  I'm still looking for something, maybe a red one.  Have to see what is in the stash.

I also cut a whole bunch more of these that I will be sending to a friend who lives in Washington.  She will sew them and donate them locally.  Even though cutting with the Studio fabric cutter is much faster than cutting by hand, it still takes a while to cut out a zillion pieces.  I'm trying to fill a soda box FULL.  I have so much fabric and am so happy to share with someone who will put it to use before I can get there.

I just wish I was 20 years younger.  All this sewing and cutting makes me tired.  So, a nap was in order for today and a nice long walk with hubby.  Now, maybe a bit of grading papers before sleeping again.  Tomorrow is another day

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