Saturday, October 13, 2012

Backyard progress

 We have lived in this house almost 8 years.  When we moved in, the backyard was just dead or dying grass and weeds.  There were sprinklers, but they didn't work well.  It didn't matter because we bought the house because the backyard was big enough for a tennis court.  We put a tennis court in shortly after we moved in. I landscaped the back of the yard, behind the tennis court, but that is a normal size for a yard.  It is hard keeping up with the landscaping.  There is no water source back there and I have to have a hose that goes across the patio and along the fence.  In the summer, I have to go out to water every day because things dry out quickly.  I have lots and lots of iris plants out there and come canna lilies (which aren't doing well-probably not enough water).  I have now planted some Butterfly Bushes back there and they are established after 3 years.  I put in a pond that I got for free off Freecycle, but that has since cracked and the water only stays about half way in the pond.  I got fish for the pond, but we have raccoons in the field next to us and I have come out and found half eaten fish laying on the ground.

Two years ago my husband and I got out and really cleaned things up.  We put a border all around the 'lawn' area with a raised garden area for my vegetable plants.  Then he hurt himself and had hernia surgery and the yard fell apart again.

So, last week I called a landscaper.

For just over $2,000 he cleared the area of weeds and dog poo :)  He dug and laid sprinklers.  He brought in tons of top soil and compost and cut down a tree that volunteered to grow right up against the house.

He is coming back tomorrow to lay sod.  I almost can't wait to see what it is going to look like when it is done.  I am so excited!  I will finally have a really nice backyard that I want to go into.  We can kick a ball around, or just chase the dogs.  I know it is going to be one more thing to keep up with, but I'm still excited. Even after putting the tennis court in, there is still such a big lawn area (hey, we are in California, so most people get about 100 square feet for a yard!)

It has been hard keeping the dogs off the yard for 2 days.  They love the smell of the compost and want to go roll in it.  Um, no thanks!

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