Monday, October 8, 2012

another top finished

This has been a rough weekend.  My son had his wisdom teeth pulled Friday and I had these grand plans we would be in and out in under an hour and I would have the rest of the day to play.  NOT.  Took much longer than expected and of course I had a migraine.  Probably from stress.

Busy Saturday and Sunday and I can't even remember what I was doing.  Today another doozie of a migraine, but I was determined to get this quilt top done.

I made this 13x14 tumblers, so a total of 182 (my son did the math for me in his head :)

This is about a twin size and about the maximum size my quilting frame can take.  One day I will get a robotic machine that can do king size quilts and be cranking out quilts while I sleep.

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Farm Quilter said...

Amazing what you can do even with a migraine!!! Ummm, don't know how to break it to you, but a computerized longarm still needs to be tended might not have to stand there and guide it, but I guarantee that the bobbin will run out!!! LOL