Monday, October 29, 2012

change of pace

I learned to crochet when I was about 10.  I used to make all sorts of things from crochet flowers to stuffed animals.  I think I even have the scarecrow I created when I was about 12.  I will have to dig it out :)

I've found that crocheting helps with my migraines or at least numbs me enough to feel a little better while I am crocheting.  I'm working on baby hats for my local hospital.  I've probably made 1,000 hats in my lifetime and it is nice to have a simple pattern that doesn't require any thought.  I found this new one and it is very simple.

The first 4 rounds you double crochet, starting with 12 and going to 24, 36 and then 48.  If you know how to crochet, you know how to get there.  Once you have the base rounds done, just do a simple shell stitch around and around.  Single crochet, skip a stitch, three double crochets and on the next row alternate.

My local hospital asked for baby hats for the cold months so these will get some good use soon.  Today was in the low 80's.  Sorry for all of you in the middle of a storm, but that is why we pay so much more to live in California!

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Farm Quilter said...

Love your little hats! I am sure they will be most appreciated!!! As a west coast gal myself, I have never had to deal with a hurricane...but at least you have warnings with them and can get out of the way, earthquakes don't really give you days/weeks of warning! Guess that's why I like living in eastern Washington (used to be Reno, NV)...a few winter storms and all the rest is great!