Sunday, October 7, 2012

My motivation

Some people think I'm crazy.  And they are probably right.  My house is full of fabric.  I spend hours every week making quilts and giving them away. Most of the time I never know where they end up.  Most of the time I never hear back from the recipients and don't get a thank you.  But, every once in a while, I get a picture like this and it makes all the time, effort and work worth it.

Our church participates in a program called Safe Families.  Instead of having to send a kid into foster care, the parent calls Safe Families and their kids get to stay together while mom or dad goes through rehab, serves their short jail sentence, stays in the hospital or finds housing.  There are a lot of reasons a parent might need help for a short time taking care of their kids, but they know the kids are safe and loved while they deal with their circumstances.

Pictures like these make me want to quilt 24/7.  So many kids, so many quilts, so little time.

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Chris said...

This love is priceless. Bless you and those children.