Sunday, October 3, 2010

Won't you join me?

Thanks for the advice yesterday on how you deal with migraines. I have tried Imitrix and Excedrine Migraine meds and neither one seems to help much. Imitrix makes me nauseous and Excedrine makes me really jittery without taking the headache away. I woke up this morning and still had a bit of a headach so took more ibuprofen and seem to be feeling a little better so far. I don't have TIME for a headache today :)

Won't you join me in making Christmas stockings for our troops? Here's a couple of templates, taken from coloring pages off the net.

Christmas stocking #1

Christmas stocking #2

Just print, cut out from fabric-I use one side Christmas and one side 'ugly' fabric that isn't going into my quilts and sew them together. I use some fancy stuff that also isn't going into quilts for the cuff at the top and put a loop of ribbon at the top and they take about 5 minutes each to make.

I will post some pictures along the way, but I have a project for the next few weeks.

I plan to send mine to Operation Holiday Stockings. They want them about 6 x 9 inches so they don't cost too much to ship. I bet they would appreciate a couple of dollars to help with shipping if you can spare it too.

Eventhough the war is 'over' in Iraq there are still troops overseas and they will be there for Christmas. Let's say THANKS for serving and protecting our freedoms, no matter what you believe about the war. I live close to an air force base and see the affects on the children of these military families every day. Many of my students have a parent serving away from home and they really need to know that we appreciate their efforts and sacrifices.

Who is going to join me this year in making a few Christmas Stockings?


Monica said...

My son is heading off to Iraq in December and I can tell you they really do appreciate everything people back home do for them. When my son went to Afghanistan in 2008, the Army didn't (and still doesn't) give the soldiers pillows but they can buy them from the Afghans in the local markets. So some friends and I made pillowcases for his unit to give them a little feel of home.

Barb said...

Sorry the Excedrine migrane made you jittery.

I think it is a great idea what you are doing for the troups... I have two sons in the army.

Wendy said...

If there is anyway I can squeeze a couple of stockings in, I will. Wonderful idea!

Here's to some relief today for your headache!

Lori said...

migraines. I found a lot of my migraines were caused by food. Specifically--MSG in foods. I cut out a lot of those (prepared foods were the worst), no cheeses that weren't pasteurized. No wines. (anything that has been fermented or molded.) Even homemade pickles and sausage. And, getting rid of my ovaries really helped too. Now I'm down to a few really bad ones a year. Oh, and reflected light is bad. It's the flickering you can't see. Lakes, swimming pools, driving into the sun. Some lights in gyms. Had a relative that had headache regularly--she teaches. Asked her to see if the school lunch and her migraines were happening with any specific foods. YUP!! And she quit eating her mother's homemade pickles and sausage--life was much better after that.

mom said...

maybe get your blood pressure never know, that might be causing the headaches.

Cynthia H. said...

Imitrex comes in different dosages. If the dosage you're using right now is too strong, ask your doctor for a lower one. I think it's available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg strengths.

There are preventive meds, too: Topomax/topimirate, Effexor/venlaxafine, and a couple of others I haven't taken.

Midrin (not to be confused with Motrin). OK to drive after Midrin, at least for me. It may be different for other people.

There is a pharmacopoeia of meds for migraines these days, but if you find out what your triggers are, it will help reduce the migraines as well.

Excedrine "Migraine" is just Excedrine + a lot of caffeine. Spare yourself; just drink a latte.

Cynthia H.
El Cerrito