Sunday, October 10, 2010

Binky Sunday

I was feeling better today. Still dizzy. Probably has something to do with the fact that I'm a natural blonde :)
Will call the doctor again tomorrow and see if I can get in sometime soon.
Today was Binky Sunday. We have meetings every other month, even months on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 1-4pm. I've only missed once in the last 6 years and that was last year due to the swine flu. Not bad :)
Today I took a full bucket of fabric and there were 4 of us cutting and putting together quilt kids. One lady took all of them home so I'm not sure how many we did, but I'm guessing about 20 of them. Not bad for about 2 hours worth of work. We ran out of matching fabric before we ran out of time and packed up a little early.
So, I came home and decided to pull almost all of the fabric off my shelf and have my daughter help me sort it for the next work day. My friend Carla is hosting a Binky day at her house in November and I wanted to be ready. I always wait until the last minute to get my stuff together, but not this time.
I am terrible about putting colors together so my daughter helps me. We laugh a lot when pulling fabrics that go together. I pulled two asian fabrics and said, here, find something that goes with this 'asian fusion'. She thought that was the weirdest thing ever.
This snake fabric she thinks is so ugly! I love it. Just goes to show that what one person likes another can hate. Today at the quilt shop, all four of us 'older' ladies picked out a safari print that had big animals on it. The picture was nice, but the colors looked like puke. It was UGLY. I brought it home, thinking it was going to be the next dog bed. All three of my kids loved it! My daughter found the perfect fabrics to go with it to make a cute quilt. Hmmm. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder I guess. And that is why she doesn't let me buy clothes for her anymore either.
We picked out another full bucket of fabrics that went together and bundled them together. They are ready to go to the next Binky day. Problem is, when we put the rest of the fabrics back on the shelf, there doesn't look like anything is missing. How can that be? I pulled at least 100 yards off the shelf and nothing is gone?
I'll be going into the shed or garage this week to bring in two more buckets of fabrics and we will do the sorting all over again.
I'm also looking for a two color quilt pattern to make the process a little easier. I love the quick stripie pattern that uses three colors and makes up really quickly, but sometimes it is a real stretch to pull three colors that go together. Having a different pattern that only uses two colors will really be a blessing. Can you share your favorite online two color quilt pattern with me?


Jocelyne said...

My favourite (and fast) 2-colour pattern is the Rail Fence.

Jocelyne in Kanata, Ontario

Cheri said...

HST and 4P are good in 2 colors. I'd be interested in more patterns also. Been doing this same kind of sorting. I think it inspires me.

Anonymous said...

Love my 2 fabric bears paw. Here is an observation of your stash spread out before your daughter. Many of the fabrics I see in the photo are VERY Busy. These are typically difficult to use together. I'd suggest combining them with tone on tone prints, like one shade of red printed over another shade of red. Or are those types of prints still in storage? Hope this helps.