Sunday, October 24, 2010

another phone call

I got another phone call yesterday to come and pick up some fabric. The lady on the phone, Jane, said her mother had passed away in May and she was ready to find a home for all of her mother's fabric. Her mother was a quilter and had a lot of fabric and projects in progress.
Today is a VERY rainy day, but I can never say no to more fabric, especially when I know a quilter's legacy will be carried on through the fabric.
I haven't had a chance to unpack the car yet because the rain is coming down hard. I will probably drive around for a couple of days with my trunk full of these treasures! I did bring in the hat boxes and they have projects started, embroidery floss and binding inside. They will be emptied and repurposed quickly :)
Every time I get a phone call like this it makes me think about when it is my time to leave this earth and what my children are going to do with all of my leftover fabric and projects and it makes me want to get in the sewing room. Unfortunately, today I have 90 lab books waiting for me. This is grade weekend and I have to get these things graded and entered before tomorrow. No more procrastinating. I-Must-Get-Back-To-Work.
Wish me luck and if you don't hear from me in a week or two, send out the search party. The lab books may have collapsed on me and killed me. In that case, feel free to take any fabric you find a use for!


Cheri said...

Praying for the lab books to remain where they belong and you get thru them super fast so you can be on to the more important thing of sewing!! Congrats on the treasures you acquired.

Barb said...

Oh.....can't wait for you to show us your have alot of self control, I would have been out there in the rain and all.

Dresden Quilter said...

Good luck!

Linda said...

You know, I wondered about all my "schtuff" a number of years ago as well. I finally talked to some close quilting friends and told them to wait for the call if I die. I then told my two children who they should call if I die. Now I can relax knowing that 5 or 6 good friends will divvy up "the goods" when I go. I would just hate to see any of it thrown out (which could really happen!)
Lurking Linda