Friday, October 22, 2010

Do something more

Yesterday was another trip to the doctor for my headaches. I had another really bad on on Tuesday, after visiting the chiropractor on Monday. The doctor doubled my antidepressants. He prescribed them for my stomach aches last year and figures they will work on the nerves in my head just as well. I'm thinking he just thinks I'm crazy, which could be true :)
I will try this for a while and see if it gets me anywhere.
Then, it was home for some fabric therapy.
More work on the string blocks. Another row or two added to the blocks. Slowly, they will get done.
This is my current bucket of strings. I think I have 2 more buckets just like this in the garage or shed. I'm wondering how many string blocks I can get out of this bucket. I am currently working on 12 blocks. I'm betting I can get over 200 blocks out of this box. Maybe 500. The more I pull, the more the fabric puffs up and it seems like the more fabric grows in the bucket. There is a lot of fabric in there! That's a lot of quilt tops, waiting to be done.
I have TA (student teaching assistant) at school and she said she loves to sew. I think I am going to take a sewing machine and iron to school. This would be a perfect project for those days when I don't have papers to grade or labs to set up. Normally she sits around and plays solitare. How much better would it be for her to be sewing string blocks :)
I'm going to talk to her today and see if she is up for the task!
Off to work. Today is the end of the first quarter. That means minimum day!

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Barb said...

Your strings are coming right along....

Hope you get the problem ofthe headaches resolved.