Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Great White Hunter

I know I am a bit pasty, but I'm referring to my clothes! Do not wear a white shirt when hunting fish. No, not fishing, but actually hunting.

Last weekend I went snail hunting because we do a lab in science where we look at how snails and plants work together in an ecosystem.

Well, my normal hunting grounds turned up only 4 snails. I went back twice and the second time, I saw 4 river otters. No wonder the snails were gone. I hear they are yummy treat!

Today, I decided that little tiny fish would be a good substitute for the snails. Last week, there were zillions of the fish just waiting to be caught.

Today, I searched for over an hour and only caught about 100 of them. It was rough going and hard work and I came out covered in mud.

I sure hope the kids appreciate what I do on my weekends so they can have some hands on learning.

I smell like dead fish now too! YUCK>


Barb said...

Maybe you will attrack some birds with the dead fish smell>>>>HA!

You look like you are just having a blast.

Alycia said...

They had better appreciate you!