Friday, October 1, 2010

The Phone call

When the phone rings around here, 99% of the time it is a political call, one of my kids' schools calling with an update on the activities or someone trying to sell us something.

We very rarely answer the home phone. With caller ID, you can tell who is calling and I don't know anyone in Idaho or Washington DC and I certainly don't know somone with the phone number 000-000-0000. Yeah, we get those calls :)

But, my cell phone almost always brings the voice of a friend. If I'm not driving or working, I will answer my cell phone.

The other day, my phone rang at work and it was A Quilted Heart calling. They usually call to let me know someone has dropped of blankets for Binky Patrol. They have been so great and helpful, allowing people to drop things off at their shop for the past almost 7 years. I try my best to get over there within a day of their phone calls because I know they don't have a lot of storage space.

Well, this time the phone call was a bit different. Michelle asked if I could please come over to the shop and pick out some fabric to help with the quilts for San Bruno. This was a really rough week at school, so finally today I was able to make it in to the shop. I asked my friend Carla to come with me. I have a horrible color sense and cannot pick colors that go together.

We got there and were told to go in the back and pick out 10 BOLTS of the clearance fabric. Yeah, you read that right 10 bolts :)

We had the best time picking fabrics. We had to laugh as we picked out things we thought went together when we looked on the end of the bolt and they had the same names. Good job!

Here's what I came home with and I bet Carla posts her haul on her blog too. We tried to pick out stuff for boys. We have a lot of girl prints already and need to focus on making more boy quilts. I brought home 6 of the bolts and Carla took home 4. Yes, we will share! Next Sunday is Binky Sunday, where we get together and cut fabric for 3 hours. By the end of the time, most of this fabric will be cut into quilt kits and ready to sew, or pass along to people who are ready to help make quilts for kids in crisis!
Thanks A Quilted Heart! Call me anytime :)


Barb said...

That would have been a ton of fun!! Love what you picked out!

Wendy said...

Way cool! Good idea on the boys fabric :)

beth said...

What a fun phone call!