Saturday, October 9, 2010

Still alive

I've had a migraine every day this past week. I've been working and keeping up with getting the kids where they need to be, but haven't felt like doing much else. I did sew a bit on the Christmas stockings one morning before school and hope to have some time today to work more on that.

I won a contest this week with 2 1/2 inch squares and am waiting for their arrival. I'm going to use them to make doll quilts for my son's class. His teacher asked for things for a 'store' so the kids can spend the money they earn by doing class chores. I picked up some frisbies and bubbles at the store last week and thought I could make some little doll quilts too. But, not feeling well, I haven't worked on anything.

To leave you with a picture, this is daughter #2. She is the #1 tennis player this year on the high school team. The newspaper called this week and did an interview with her. They came to the school on Thursday and took pictures for a feature story. I figured they were going to save it until Sunday when the paper costs $2 because they need money. They know that I buy 20 papers when they feature my kid in the paper :) Especially if they put a good picture in there! She wasn't in there yesterday or today, and they said it was going to be one of these three days.

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