Thursday, July 9, 2015

today's the day

 Today is the day my dad has his pacemaker replaced.  The whole reason for the visit to Colorado has finally arrived.  A long day of waiting is ahead of us.  We are at Porter Hospital.  Everyone got up early today in anticipation.  Normally my little guy sleeps until 10 or later.  He would sleep until noon if I let him.  He does like his sleep.  Today he was up at 7:30, I guess in anticipation of the big day.  I think he will either take a nap this afternoon, or sleep well tonight.  I think everyone is a bit nervous for the surgery.
 We left early for the hospital and the drive over was easy.  The directions were clear and driving in Colorado is much easier than driving in California.  We drove past Denver University.  I'm getting a nice tour of Colorado having to take my parents to various doctor visits.
Because we got here so early we had plenty of time to find parking in the garage.  We had to drive to the top of the 5 story parking structure to find a spot, but I always like to park out in the open anyways.  We checked in early and are now waiting while my dad is getting checked in.  He found this nice rocking chair and I think the motion of rocking helped put him at ease a little.  He was a little nervous about the procedure.  They will let us go back once they have the IV hooked up and have him changed and in bed.  We will go to lunch once he is in the operating room.  My daughter is coming out this afternoon from UCLA to stay for a few days.  They say my dad will be up and moving by tomorrow and able to do most things except lift his arm over his head.  My daughter is looking forward to the stories my dad tells.  I'm hoping the next few hours go quickly.

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