Saturday, July 11, 2015

Testing out the pacemaker

 Imagine yourself 2 days after surgery.  Think about what you'd like to be doing?  Got it?  Probably picture yourself laying around, taking it easy.  Especially if you were 83 years old.  Well, I'd like to introduce you to my dad.
 2 days ago he was in the hospital, getting a new pacemaker put in.  Today we hiked to the top of Castle Rock in Colorado.

 It was a 1.35 mile hike up and down the mountain.  We started on the harder portion of the hike, with lots of steps and steep terrain.  I have to admit that about half way up the trail, I started to think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

 We stopped every little bit to take a rest.  My dad kept apologizing for having to stop so often, but I was thankful for the rest breaks!  And I'm only 25.
 My 20 year old daughter and 11 year old son decided they were ready to head off to the summit and left us in the dust.  We continued on holding hands, to keep ourselves from slipping and  to make sure we didn't get lost.
 We had great views of the city of Castle Rock all along the way.
 The two young ones zipped up to the top and climbed the side of the cliff with no troubles.  It was a pretty warm day and there were several shady spots to take a rest.

 These two made it all the way to the top.  In order to do so, you had to be like a mountain goat and climb the rock formation once you got to the top of the path.

 My little guy had complained this morning how he didn't want to go hiking.  He sure had a great time once we got out there.  He is making plans for more adventures once we get home.  There are several climbing and hiking paths that are pretty close to home and he has decided that getting out of the house is pretty fun.  He isn't convinced that shopping is so much fun, but at least sunshine won't kill him now!

 This is what it looked like on the way to the very top. My dad couldn't have made it up this sheer cliff and I gave it a try, but had some trouble with my slippery shoes.  I chickened out and decided that I had made it far enough so we headed on back down the mountain on the easy side with the wider path.  I was glad there was an easy way down because I wasn't too sure my dad was going to make it back down the way we had gone up.  He has diabetes and was starting to shake a little from low blood sugar.  He had brought along a couple of candies, but I didn't think those were going to make it for him.

 My son was so proud that he had made it all the way to the top.
 My son had to bring his stuffed penguin along for the hike.  He made a nice pillow for my dad to take a little rest while we explored a little at the top.  There is a nice wall to lay on at the summit, but no cushions to lay your head on.

 No steps or handrails to get to the top.
 I think I've got a little mountain goat for a child now.  He's discovered that hiking is fun.

 The huge rock formation above this crevice stuck out 30 feet or more.  Good thing they don't have earthquakes or that whole thing would be coming down on top of us.

 There were beautiful wildflowers all along the trail.  Yellow, red, white, purple, and all just there for me to enjoy!
Yep, to the top and back.  What's your excuse for sitting around today?  If my 83 year old dad who just had surgery can get out there and climb to the top, surely you can too!


KaHolly said...

Your dad is unbelievable! You keep him young!

Farm Quilter said...

So glad your dad did so well with his surgery!! Reminds me of my dad - took him on a cruise for his 92nd birthday and he went snorkeling and sailing with us and he has a pacemaker as well. The only problem I have with the pacemaker is that it will not let his heart beat faster then 70 beats per minute and that does restrict his activity levels. But he is finally retiring at the age of 94, so I'm not complaining! My dad also likes to hike - used to be backpacking, but just hiking works now :) He actually went hiking by himself in the Olympic Mountains last summer. Keep dad moving...keeps them and us young!!!

LInda M said...

Oh my gosh, your dad is awesome! Glad he is doing so well after the surgery.
I would be a baby and probably stay in bed.