Thursday, July 16, 2015

Drive by shooting (photos, that is)

 So yesterday on my way to take my little guy to pay for the horseback riding camp he will be going to next week, I decided to take some pictures of my neighbor's yard.  He recently tore out the lawn and did a really neat landscaping in the front.  I know he isn't finished with it but I love it so far.
 He has a dry riverbed with iris plants all around and this big mound of daylilies.  Yep, his are in full bloom.  Of course, he and his wife are almost always out there working on the yard, pulling weeds and probably putting fertilizer on it.  I'm sure they put soil amendments in it before they planted everything and that's why he has flowers and I have poor dying bits of brown coming up out of the ground.
 But, I can achieve greatness too!  Or, maybe not, but at least give it a try until I get bored, or go back to work in a month and get so busy I forget what I was trying to do.  what do people do with their time who don't have hobbies?  Clean their house?
 We went out to the Horse center and met the instructor.  She is a very nice German lady with a thick accent.  She was working on an arena, putting up a roof and talking to the workers, who all spoke German as well.  It was pretty funny, since my mom is German and also has an accent.  Reminded me of her.
 We got to meet some of the horses and they were all very friendly.  This one had this eye cover on.  Not sure why, but it had about 1,000 flies on it, which didn't seem to bother it at all.
 My son is pretty excited about taking lessons next week, but like any other hobby, this is going to be expensive.  We have to get him a riding helmet, a bike helmet won't do, and shoes with a heel (Goodwill here we come) and tighter pants.  He's going to try and wear jeans.  We looked online for riding pants and they are $50.  I was surprised they didn't have a helmet you could borrow for the week camp.
See you next week horses!  I hope it's fun.

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Quiltingranny said...

My issue is...I have the hobby, but I have this odd quirk that won't let me work on it until my house and kitchen is clean which you know with 3 kids (12, 13 &14) that is never going to happen, so I am stuck in a dog chasing my tail scenario. Clean house, kids mess it, I yell for them to clean, go into my room and read and there sits the quilt waiting! Oh to be able to just ignore the messes!!!