Thursday, July 9, 2015

the waiting was made a little easier

 My daughter came from UCLA around 2pm and made the waiting a little easier.
 I know a little someone who was very excited to have his big sister to play video games with and to talk to.  He's very quiet around everyone except his big sister.  Around her, he talks up a storm!  It's like he's a different person.
 After 2 hours of waiting, the doctor came out and said the surgery went well.  Everything went as planned and he would be ready for us to come see him in another hour.  I should have known better, because they said the surgery would take an hour and it took 2.  My dad is a talker.  He will tell you a story, and sometimes the same story twice if you aren't careful.  After another hour and a half, I got a phone call saying he was ready for us to come up to see him.
 The nurse apologized.  She said he got to talking and she lost track of time.  When we got up to the room, she said she wanted to wrap him up and take him home.  She just loved him so much and loved all of his stories.  I told he she could take him.  He's a cutie alright!
 My little helpers were getting mighty tired, especially the one who had traveled across the country and got up extra early to catch her flight.  Now that grandpa was fixed and fed, we were ready to head out.
 The Colorado skies were starting to look ominous.  Lightning was striking not too far in the distance and that was our clue to hit the road.
 I knew my dad was in good hands with the nurses.
 When he said he had to go to the bathroom, I figured that was our cue.
 I sure do love the weather in Colorado.  One minute you have sunshine and the next it is pouring rain.  Nothing like California where your choices of weather in the summer are hot or hotter.
 Of course, I could never live in a place where it snows.  No thanks.  I will deal with dead grass and heat stroke thank you very much.
So we left my dad enjoying his teryaki chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.  He said the food was actually pretty good.  We went out for steak dinners and are now going to enjoy a well deserved good night's rest.  See you tomorrow Dad!  He's already feeling much better thanks to the new pacemaker!


KaHolly said...

Glad everything went well. Judging by the size of that meal he's tackling, he's none the worse for the wear!

LInda M said...

Happy to hear everything turned out fine.