Saturday, July 4, 2015

celebrating the 4th in Colorado

 Happy Birthday America!  Celebrating the 4th is way different here in Colorado.  Back home in California things are pretty calm and mellow.  Most people who celebrate go to city organized events to watch the big fireworks.  Some will get together and swim or have a BBQ or picnic.
 Fireworks are illegal almost everywhere so very few people actually get them and use them.  Here in Colorado, at least at my dad's house, the whole neighborhood came out and must have spent $500 on the Safe and Sane fireworks.  We got some Pop Its and Sparklers and enjoyed the much bigger and noisier display in the middle of the street.
 We saved back half of what we bought for when my daughter comes out on Thursday.

 While waiting for the festivities to begin, my dad and I worked on the puzzle we started earlier this week.  My little guy helped us get started on it and then came in at the last minute to put the last couple of pieces in.
 I used to like making puzzles when I was little and if a piece didn't fit I found that if you sucked on the piece and got it wet and then pounded it, the piece fit much better.  Of course, you had to do that with a lot of pieces because of course, pounding a piece into a place that it doesn't go isn't really a good solution when it comes to puzzle building.  we had that trouble with this puzzle.  Someone had put a piece in the wrong spot and we couldn't find one of the pieces until we figured that out.
 My dad got out the blowtorch to light the sparklers.  I guess that's one way to do it!

 There were about 45 neighbors out enjoying the show.  Across the street they had a fire pit and were roasting marshmallows.

He enjoyed watching the bigger, louder fireworks, but had a great time dancing around with the sparklers.  He jumped into my lap with the large displays went off.  We sure know how to celebrate around here!

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Farm Quilter said...

Looks like you had fun! I love that the chair cushion you are sitting on is turned - I always do that too!!