Sunday, July 12, 2015

Final full day in Colorado

 Today we went to the wildlife Museum in Parker.  I love this place because it reminds me of the LA Natural History Museum.  It is filled with stuffed animals and has lots of interactive exhibits.  Outside there are lots of brass statues.  If I lived closer, I would get a season pass and come here often to sit and grade papers.  it is so relaxing.
 My daughter's favorite animal is the elephant.  Unlike a zoo, here you can get up close.
 These guys talked to you and you could 'ask' them a question by pushing the computer screen.  They moved and their eyes blinked and mouth moved.  They looked so real.
 We watched the 3D movie about a chipmunk and a mouse.  It was really well done, but made me feel bad that I am killing off all the mice that get in my house.  Sorry guys, you should live in the desert or forest, not in my house!
I am so thankful for all the time I got to spend with my dad.  My mom got home this afternoon and then the kids and I went for a final swim at the local pool.  Tomorrow will be spent packing and getting ready to get home.  My mom has a very swollen knee and ankles so hopefully we will be able to get her to the doctor before I go home to find out what's going on.  Too much hiking for her is probably the diagnosis.  Soon it will be back to the normal routine.

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