Saturday, July 18, 2015

My latest obsession

 So since my quilting machine is broken and has no hope of getting fixed in my lifetime, I have become obsessed with these key rings.  My embroidery machine has been going almost non stop since summer began.  I found the dogs and then cats and horses and the minions were free (the yellow guy).  I got some pants and leather jackets at the Goodwill outlet for almost nothing and cut them up and have been embroidering like crazy.  What am I going to do with all of them?  Well, I hope to be able to sell them for my local animal rescue group.  I'm thinking of taking them to my local SPCA to see if they want to put them on the counter.  I figure people would pay $1 for one.  So far, there are 53 of them in the basket and I have plans to make about a thousand more.  I think I have 24 different dog designs and have started collecting other things as well.
These are the different designs I've made so far in lots of different fabric choices.  I've used denim, corduroy and leather.  The yellow is a poly fabric like the cloth grocery bags are made from and it doesn't tear or fray.  It has a layer of felt in the middle to make it thick enough.  I used a white chihuahua on my luggage when I went to Colorado and it made it easy to spot at the airport.  Kids could put them on their backpack, or you could use them for Christmas tree ornaments.

Yeah, I can never do things in moderation!

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Sue Niven said...

They are beautiful!