Monday, February 23, 2015

dr visit

This update is mostly for my dad, and so I can remember everything that happened at the Doctor visit today.  We talked for a long time about everything that is going on with this month long migraine.  I asked if there was any chance that something different was happening in my brain, not saying the words brain tumor, but I'm sure he knew that was what I was thinking.  I mean, how long can a migraine really last?  He said that any migraine that lasts longer than 2 days is considered a 'long' migraine, so this one is unusual, but not really that much, because once it passes the 2 day mark,, they really all fall into the same category.

He said they don't understand why people get them and as far as he knows, there aren't any local studies of migraines, but he gave me a website to check into.  I'm going to see if I can possibly try to join a study and maybe be on the cutting edge of new drugs or shock therapy or maybe surgery or something.  When he asked how things were before this migraine and I said that I had things under control with probably 3 migraines a week and I was happy with that he was really shocked.  3 a week?  That's good?  Wow, he didn't think that was acceptable, but then I told him I hadn't missed a day of work with having a really bad (level 8 almost every day) for the past month.  I'm one tough old gal.  I come from good stock.

So, after testing my strength and balance, he suggested we try the botox in more places and with more shots.  I got 9 shots across my forehead and on the bridge of my nose and then one in each temple and then 6 across the back of my head, right above my neck.  He says it will take 3-4 days for the full effect, but I can already feel it working.  The forehead is starting to go numb and the back of the head as well.  He says I could have some troubles lifting my head.  That's ok, I can walk around with a neck brace :)  I could make a nice quilted one, like the Elizabethan collars.

 I could start a new fashion trend.  You will see.  Or, maybe like the African necklaces that when the people take them off, their necks fall over because they don't have muscles to support them anymore.

I'm so desperate for anything to work I don't really care what I look like.  Tomorrow should be interesting because the small puncture wounds will really be visible.  Last time it looked like a cat got ahold of me.  I can see some of them already.  I have to come up with a good story for the kids.  They already know about the steroids and now botox.  Good thing they know I'm crazy.


Texas JennyWren said...

I am so sorry you have so many looong migraines. That's rough.

I am glad, however, that you still have your sense of humor. LOVE the Elizabethan Neck ruffle. But that African neck stretcher would only create MORE headaches, I would think. (grin).

Prayers out for your relief.

Farm Quilter said...

I'm glad your doctor was shocked with your "happy with 3 migraines a week"! You are losing half of your life by experiencing it through the pain! Yeah, you are tough, but it is time for him to get really serious about getting rid of your pain for good! I suppose I could allow you to have 1 migraine day a month if you are really addicted to the pain!!! Sure hope they come up with answers that work for you!!!