Sunday, March 1, 2015

crochet afghan

I've been working on this crochet afghan since before Christmas.  It's for my daughter.  She picked out the yarn and asked me to make it for her as a Christmas present.  I think she thought I could get it done in the week and a half she was home.  She didn't realize I can't crochet quite that fast!  It's made with Red Heart Soft and Red Heart Shimmer yarns and is really soft.  She wanted one that was big enough to cover her head to toe and she is really tall like me.  I like how it turned out and was a nice change from quilting, especially since my quilting machine is still broken.  I haven't heard back from the guy in Yuba City about when he is coming down to look at my machine and hopefully get me back in business and like I've said, I'm not holding my breath.

I'm hoping to get this in the mail this afternoon or tomorrow maybe.

My daughter found out on Friday that she got the job as a Resident Assistant for next year, which means her housing and food will be paid for next year and most likely her senior year as well.  There is also an RA who is leaving Spring quarter and she thinks she will be taking over her position so she will get some money back (about $5,000) she has paid for this year.  That's great news!  Since she borrows about $30,000 a year for college, the $15,000 she will save on housing will really help.  Especially since we have another one going off to college next year.  He's started hearing back from colleges and this month will be exciting as the next couple of weeks he will be hearing from almost all of them.

So far, he's gotten into Colorado School of Mines and UC Irvine.  There's so much paperwork to fill out for all of the financial aide stuff and unfortunately we make too much money as teachers (who would have thought?) that we really don't qualify for most of the scholarship stuff because we are just out of range for everything, but we still have to fill everything out.  It's an exciting time, but a little frustrating for my son, who is so ready to get out of high school and move on to the next stage of his life.  I have days like that too, but I'm stuck in high school until I retire :)

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