Monday, March 16, 2015

a new writer

My son had his parent teacher conference last week and the subject he struggles with the most is writing.  He is doing much better than last year, but his teacher and I decided that the only way for him to get better is to practice more.  He has really taken a lot of chances this year by learning to ride a bike, learning to swim and trying harder in all subjects in school.

I was thinking that since he likes computers so much, he might like writing some blog posts.  I had him start a blog and will be encouraging him to write on it every day.  Hopefully he will be encouraged to write short stories about things he does every day and to look back over time to see how much his writing has improved.  With a sister who has a creative writing Masters and a grandpa who has written several books and a mom who loves to write, maybe he will find that love inside as well.

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