Sunday, March 22, 2015

UC Davis

 We went on a tour of UC Davis today and my son really enjoyed it.  We've been so many times that he recognized many of the areas we visited.
 Lots of things are the same from 25 years ago when I graduated from here, but many areas are different.  They have torn down some buildings and put up lots of new ones.
 The dorms where my husband and I met are gone as is the building he proposed to me in.
 These egg head statures are all over the campus.  They weren't here when I went to school.  This one is Face Book.  Get it?
 Lots of the old buildings I spent a lot of time in were still the same and brought back a lot of memories.  I remember the area where I got in my first bike crash.  I couldn't decide if I should go left or right, so I went straight into the guy coming at me.  Nobody got hurt, but I felt pretty stupid.
 UC Davis has the most bikes on any campus, somewhere around 40,000.  I remember one time I came out of a class and couldn't find my bike.  I knew for sure someone had stolen it so I got back to my dorm and called the police.  I filled out a report and about 3 days later I found my bike.  I had not taken it to class that day, but had left it at another one of my classes the day before and just forgotten about it.  I felt really stupid and so I called the police back and told them I found my bike.  I wonder how many other people forget where they put their bikes.  With 40,000 bikes it's pretty hard to keep track of them all.
This building was the most surprising of them all.  When I went to school it was called Chem A.  The building is exactly the same, but now has a different name.  I wonder who Peter A. Rock is.  Probably someone famous.  I saw Nightmare on Elm Street here and it scared me so much I ran all the way back to my dorm room.  Ir you know me, I'm not a runner and it's a long way back to the dorm.  I knew for sure Freddy Kruger was coming after me.  I ran really fast!  I hate scary movies!

I'm not sure where my son will be going to school, but I loved UC Davis.  Lots of great memories here.  My son got offered a great scholarship, about $18,000 a year and also the Honors Program with lots of perks like special housing, access to a special library, mentoring by faculty and other things.

He's still waiting to hear back from two more schools before having to make a final decision by May 1.  It's an exciting time for him and I'm enjoying going through this again.  With each child it's getting less stressful and more enjoyable.  I sit through each presentation and hear many of the same things said by each recruiter (this is probably the 30th presentation I've listened to) and have to chuckle a bit as I watch the first time parents who are very nervous and who ask lots of questions.  I really should have more children so I can do this a few more times.  Maybe I will get to go through this with the grandchildren some day.  That is if my kids ever decide to have kids!  I don't think they have colleges for dogs.

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