Monday, February 16, 2015

a new camera

 Yesterday morning I was considering buying a new camera.  I love taking pictures and wanted to get the latest and bestest so I could capture some action shots at my daughter's quidditch match.  I was watching the other photographers to see what type of cameras they had and looking online to see what I could get for how much.  I have a Sony Cybershot from about 2004 and it has a 13x zoom lens.  I took these pictures from about 100 yards away sitting down, without a tripod or stabilizer or any fancy knowledge of what I'm doing.  The kids were running full steam and after seeing the types of pictures I got, I'm thinking I really don't need a new camera.
That camera has followed me everywhere and I'm surprised it has lasted me so long.  Most things made these days last about 2-3 years.  It's big enough that I haven't lost it and small enough that I can take it anywhere.

I use it to take pictures of quilts that don't move and kids across a soccer field who run full steam.  It has so many settings on it that I don't understand and I'm sure if I took some time I could learn a lot more about it.

If it ever breaks, I will replace it with something similar because it really does a great job.

I'm still basking in the fun of the weekend. I've decided I need a four day weekend about once a month.  I wonder what I can do to arrange for that.  Sorry to all of you stuck in the snow, but I'm really loving this warm winter we are having.  I know this summer we will be hating it when our grass is brown and we can't take showers, but this morning's walk was glorious!

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barbara woods said...

so many thing just last a few years now and we are retired and can't afford to replace them. Better to hang on to something older that was made better