Tuesday, February 17, 2015

more botox

 So after back and forth emails and phone calls I finally have another appointment with my neurologist for next Monday to get another round of Botox for my migraine that's lasted 25 days.  I guess he just doesn't have any other options at this point.
 The Botox didn't work last time, so I really don't have much hope of it doing anything, but I should count my blessings that I Have good enough insurance to cover something.  From all the research I've done myself, I'm on the best preventative medicines for the migraines and since I've tried almost everything else that's out there and this has worked the best out of everything, which isn't saying much.  I sure wish there was someone doing research to find a cause and an actual cure for these things.
Trying to work through the issues of a migraine and deal with forgetting things or trying to focus on learning new material has been difficult.  Being super dizzy and confused every day has been more difficult than dealing with the pain.  Knowing that the pain isn't going to kill me makes it easy to deal with.  Being confused and forgetful is hard.  Today I had a list of things I was supposed to get done and when they asked me at the bank if there was anything else they could help me with, I told them I knew there was something else, but I would have to come back because I couldn't remember what else I was there for.  Giving myself permission to take extra time to remember, or 'do over' things that I should be able to do right the first time is taking some time to get used to, but may be a new way of life for a while, until I retire, or someone finds a new treatment.


Sue Niven said...

Sending my love your way.

jirons42 said...

I have to make a list of things as soon as I think of them or they are gone. Lists are a good thing. I don't have migrains but my daughter does so know how difficult they can be. I can't imagine that going on for a month straight.

Jennifer said...

I get migraines as well, but they are infrequent and usually last only a day. Someone shared this article with me and I thought I'd pass it along. Might be worth trying. http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article1379677.html

Farm Quilter said...

Have you considered that your headaches could be caused by TMJ problems? I had a headache for 6 months straight - needed meds to even lay my head on a pillow kind of headache - it was my TMJ. The little discs (like you have in your spine) were dislocated and perforated. What a relief the surgery was!! Certainly hope they can figure out what is causing all these migraines - they flat suck!