Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's been a week since my last posting and nothing newsworthy has happened.  I did get a quilt on the older machine and quilted, but since there is a whole bunch of backing fabric, I'm not taking it off until I get a couple more quilts done.  Hopefully that will happen this weekend.

I've done a lot of grading this week, which would make a great picture, lots of papers stacked high.  Or not!

I'm still working on this migraine.  Today makes 21 days.  I tried getting in to see the neurologist and was told I could get an appointment at the end of March.  After a couple of emails with the neurologist I'm scheduled for a couple of injections today after work. It's going to be a combination injection of a steroid, nausea medication, and a strong anti-inflammatory followed by another oral prednisone taper. 

I'm coming off the first prednisone round which usually works to stop the cycle.  I hope this works.  My daughter is coming up this weekend for a Quidditch tournament.  I'm excited to finally get to see her play.  She called yesterday to say she has a new 'friend' she started dating a couple weeks ago and he will be coming up as well.  Excited to meet the new guy.

So excited for this four day weekend.

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