Thursday, February 5, 2015

Trying to look at the positive

 I hired a guy to do some yard work today.  He worked in the front and back yard while I was at work.  I gave some specific directions as to what I wanted cleaned up, but of course there was a lot to be done.  Things tend to get a bit out of control when you can't give them full attention, partly because you don't have time and partly because you'd rather be doing 97 other things.

Yes, there was a tree under all that overgrown grass.
The palm trees around here grow up where ever they can find a crack.  The birds deposit the seeds all over the place and they drive me crazy.  I know I need to be more diligent about getting to them when they are tiny, but I swear they grow to this size overnight.
 How great does this look?  You can actually see the tangerine tree that I planted when we first bought the house 10 years ago.  It is still so tiny.  I need to give it more attention.
 Things get complicated in the front yard.  Although there were palm trees out here and we talked about how I wanted only the palm trees out and all the other things left, they took out almost everything, including my iris plants.  At least he didn't spray weed killer.  I had to tell him about ten times NOT to spray the weeds.
Maybe I will have to start over with some new iris from the backyard.  At least all the weeds are gone too.  And they left the succulents.
 This area broke my heart the most.  I know that it looks like a giant weed patch, but there are about 50 iris plants hidden in there.
 They may still be there, under all the dirt that go moved, or they may all be in the trash cans that were left behind.  I have a tiny bit of hope I may still find them if I dig, or they may come back in the spring after it rains.  On a positive note, the weeds are gone.  Sometimes you just need to start over.  At least I didn't break down crying when I got home from work today and saw this.  I admitted defeat, accepted what was and hope that from here on out I can maintain what is to be from here on out.
 Our poor fence has seen better days.  At least we have the chain link fence to hold up the wooden sticks that are left.

 Looks so much better!  They are coming back to get the aluminum pieces for recycling and the jump house that was left behind by the previous owner 10 years ago.
Lots of positives today and a couple of  things I wish I had been here to prevent, but overall I'm happy with the results.

Sometimes I need to ask for help and accept that people aren't going to do things the way I'd do them if I did them myself.  But, then if I did them myself, they would never get done.  I'm learning to let go and to grow.

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Bonnie said...

I know how you feel. I left my sons and their friends to cut down several trees that had grown out of control on our acreage. Well, they cut all of the ones I had marked and some I hadn't and then used the tractor to pull out the stumps and roots. I came home to holes and dirt everywhere. Looked much better in a couple of years. I love the palm trees that you say grow everywhere. I would like to grow one inside. They wouldn't survive outside here in Iowa. So sorry to hear about this last migraine. I had them for years so can sympathize with you. Mine have gotten better the older I get.