Saturday, February 14, 2015

the game of quidditch

So the game is based on the Harry Potter books/movies where you run around with a broomstick between your legs and try to throw a ball through the hoops.  Each person has a different color headband to let you know what their role in the game is.  One person wears a yellow sock with a tennis ball and is the snitch and he comes in at the end of the game.  You earn points for getting the ball through the hoops and earn extra points for catching the snitch, which also ends the game.  If you are down by more than 30 points, you don't want to catch the snitch, because then you lose.

It's a combo of dodgeball, field hockey, water polo, capture the flag, soccer, tackle football and tag.  I'm surprised nobody gets hurt more than they do.  Some of the kids wear padded helmets, but most don't.  They played either 3 or 4 matches today and each match lasted 30-45 minutes.  The kids can sub out whenever they need to, but some ran the whole time.

It was really fun to watch and the kids were really good sports.  You can start a team, no matter your age, so even if you are 40, you can start your own team and compete in the World Cup.  It's never too late to dream.  But, I doubt you would be able to compete with these young kids.


Farm Quilter said...

Looks like a total watch!!! This old lady won't be running :)

Sue Niven said...

Looks fun!