Monday, February 23, 2015

making faces

 I'm headed off for Botox this morning. This is the last time in about 4 months I will be able to make faces so I figured I had better make as many as I could before the botox takes effect!
 I sure hope it does something...anything.
It's been a terrible weekend.  Last night I didn't sleep well.  The headache is terrible today. It feels like a small person is trying to climb out through my eye and is pushing against the back of my head.  I'm going to ask to see if the doctor will do another brain scan.  He probably won't, but it won't hurt to ask.  The allergy medicine isn't doing anything for the ear stuffiness either.  My ears plug up and make it so I can't hear well in the mornings.  But, on the bright side I have the day off of work.  And it's a beautiful sunny day out there.  The wind is really blowing, but at least we don't have 3 feet of snow.

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jirons42 said...

Your sense of humor and postive attitude never fail to amaze me!