Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feeling old

Yesterday when coming out of a store, a man says from behind me, "Mrs. Lewis?"

I turn around and there is a man, woman and baby coming up from behind me. He says, "Do you recognize me? I think you were my first grade teacher."

I asked him how old he is now and he says 20.

I told him I have a daughter turning 20 next week and he says he remembers her and tells me her name. Then, he tells me his name and I actually remember him from when I taught him 14 years ago.

I thought it was funny that he thought I could recognize him. As though he hadn't changed in 14 years. He went from being a little child to becoming a man. I thought it was funny that he remembered me after all of this time. But it is also funny that I remember my first grade teacher. Mrs. Potter. I loved Mrs. Potter. She really made an impact on me and it's been way more than 14 years since I've been in 1st grade. I remember going back to visit with her at Open House and how my face would hurt at the end of the visit from smiling so much.

I hope I am still making that kind of impact on the kids I teach today.


gamawinkie said...

proof that time really does slip away!

Anonymous said...

I hope I am also making an impact but my state superintendent of public instruction (Indiana) and Governor are making it next to impossible!

Karen in Indiana

For His Glory said...

I pray that my life is speaking to young children in ways only God can do...I know you are touching lives in what you do Marilyn, and what a blessing to see some of the fruit of your labor pay off years later :)

Melanie said...

When my son was in high school he attended a retirement reception for the principal of the school he went to through 2nd grade. It is a fairly big elementary, about 400 kids. When he reached the front of the line to congratulate his old principal, the man knew who he was! We were both shocked and pleased, to say the least. Isn't it wonderful what an impact teachers have on their students? Congrats to you -- your student obviously holds you in high esteem.